Better Interactions

We facilitate our software projects using successful, time-proven, Agile methodologies that engage you every step of the way -- guiding your team in open and honest communication where expectations can be clearly set and understood. This means you know what's going on at every point during the project, enabling you to make the right decisions and adjustments as your business needs change.

We dive straight into any uncomfortable inter-personal issues to mediate priorities, resolve conflict, and remove the stagnant roadblocks those conflicts create, in order to ensure that the team is working as a unified group.

We coach your team to focus on priorities -- from developers and testers, to management and directors. When an organization buys in to this concept from top to bottom, it can achieve whatever it sets its mind to. We can help you get there.

Reduction = Production

We show you how to drastically reduce superfluous moving parts in your project. In terms of getting your project from inception to production, some processes that you currently have in place will help you do that, but some may actually hinder your ability to produce. We can help you discern what should stay and what needs to go. Our methods are proven to help you respond to business changes within days and weeks, instead of months and years.

With the simplification of project management processes also comes the simplification of solutions. We'll teach your team how to reduce throw away work and engineer solutions in a way that helps them to respond quickly to your changing business needs. These methods will enable your team to deliver incremental and increasing value on a frequent basis.

What About Traditional Project Managment?

If you are new to Agile or aren't sure if you want to go there just yet, we have a wealth of experience in non-Agile project management processes, and will always adapt to your internal processes. We will earnestly encourage the adoption of some amount of Agile approach, whether it be a grassroots effort or a full organizational change. Agile project management, by itself, is not a silver bullet that fixes all your project woes. Rather, it magnifies the talents, skills, and potential that already exists on your team, giving your project a greater chance of success! In any case, we will work with your team side-by-side to create new project execution habits that will reap rewards in your team's future projects as well.

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