What We Develop

We have extensive in-depth experience developing software for a diverse set of customers, industries, and platforms. Our customers range from small businesses to large corporations. We are versed in a variety of technologies and business applications, including:

  • Web App Development - Microsoft .NET (C#, VB.NET), Javascript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, REST, JSON, Web Services, RIA
  • Mobile App Development - iOS, Android
  • Desktop App Development - Cloud-enabled applications, Microsoft .NET
  • Database Systems - Oracle, SQL Server
  • GIS Development - ESRI ArcGIS
  • Reporting - SQL Server Reporting Services, various 3rd party components
  • Enterprise System Integration - real-time interfaces, batch processes, legacy system integration and conversion
  • Business Applications - Customer Relationship Management, social networking, financial systems, work productivity, inventory and tracking, compliance
  • Industries - finance, insurance, manufacturing, energy, environmental, .COM, government, public safety, non-profit, recreation/hospitality
This is just a sampling of the constantly growing list of technologies and business applications we've worked with. As technology continues to change, we quickly adapt and learn so that we can continue to provide customers like you with the most relevant and impactful applications.

How We Develop

Our customers don't want an app developer to just write code for them. They want one that will listen and understand their challenges, and have the experience to recognize the issues that are common to most application development projects. They want a developer that will think beyond just the piece of code that they are writing. One that will analyze the user landscape, how to support those users, how to maintain the application, and how the constant evolution of technology will affect the life of the application. Calvary Logic gives you exactly that. With every project we work on, we scrutinize these key factors of application development to ensure that the system we build for you will fully meet your needs long after the go-live date:

  • User Experience - intuitive, efficient, easy, enjoyable
  • Performance - quick user response time, server load, scalability as usage increases
  • Security - data sensitivity, intellectual property, availability
  • Extensibility - ability to easily add new functionality to system
  • Interoperability - ability of system to interact across network and application boundaries
  • Reusability - interchangeable components, responding to system changes
  • Supportability - readily available troubleshooting information, user issue reporting and tracking, system alerts, fast issue resolution
  • Maintainability - clean and consistent code, common and stable technologies
  • Metrics - usage tracking and reporting, correlation to business goals and success measures
  • Documentation - self-documenting code, architecture documents, support documentation, project documents
  • Platform - web, mobile, desktop, server environments, operating systems
  • Agile - frequent upgrades, continuous integration, test-driven development

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