A Different Kind of Consultant

On the surface, it is hard to differentiate one service provider from another. Sometimes we look the same on paper. It’s hard to know where to start and what to look for in a technology consultant. We believe a consultant should do exactly that... consult. Our purpose is not just to be another warm body that fits a set of criteria on paper. Instead, we listen to you -- your challenges, your goals, your constraints -- and we help you construct solutions that make you happy.

So, what can you expect from working with us?

Service, Service, Service

We take your role as customer, and our role as service provider seriously. Our “Why Us” page explains our fundamental principles in serving customers like you. These guide any type of work we do for you, whether it be consulting, app development, or project management.

The Best Ideas

Sure, we have 20+ years of experience over a variety of industries, technologies, and organizations which helps us to bring you new perspectives, but building a solution together goes far beyond that! We don’t have all the answers to your business problems, and we don’t pretend to. We do have the know-how to work with others (you, your employees, your vendors, etc.) in a way that brings out the best ideas from each person on the team. The end result is a solution that has been forged out of the efforts of everyone involved, and a broad sense of satisfaction and ownership by the whole team. We are really good at this, and believe this trait, in particular, makes us unique.

The Best Solution

We think in terms of blank-slate solution building, and we encourage your team to do the same. This means that we try to remove all pre-conceived notions of technology and start with the business need first. This approach results in technology solutions that fit your business like a well-tailored suit -- not short on features and at the same time not over-engineered. We lend our technical expertise to help you succeed in the business in which you are an expert -- whether that means zero code is written, or millions of lines of code are written. We listen to you so that we can fully understand where your business and your technology is today, and where you want it to be tomorrow. Then, we work with you to determine the best solution -- whether that’s building a custom application, buying an off-the-shelf package, or mix of both. Even if the solution involves no new technology at all -- maybe it’s just helping you gain efficiencies in your business processes -- we can help you. Working with us is all about your business first and foremost.

Business Advantage

You already recognize the need to utilize technology in certain aspects of your business to make your work life more productive, reduce costs, increase revenue, and better serve your own customers. Whether you're looking to create efficiencies in your processes to reduce cost, or hoping to expand your reach to new opportunities… no matter what hill you need to climb, Calvary Logic’s consultation gives you an advantage that you won’t get with the average consulting firm. We give you an advantage over your competitors, and advantage over the common, daily challenges of doing business.

Take advantage! Call us today.
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